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Welcome To My Q&A Site 1 29 May 2019
What is the hardest truth you had to accept that made you stronger? 2 5 June 2019
Question to beautiful people: What would you do if you were ugly? 2 6 June 2019
I just got terminated from my job after two months, should I keep it on my resume and explain what happened or should I remove it from my resume? 2 3 June 2019
Is it possible to change yourself and not recognize yourself? I am 21 years old. Everybody tells me that I have changed so much. My friends welcome it, but my parents do not agree with it. I want to leave college and start my own business 2 5 June 2019
What jobs can a person get in the film industry with a computer science or electrical engineering degree? 2 8 June 2019
How do I get into Harvard as a Third World country citizen? 2 8 June 2019
What are some things foreigners believe about India but Indians know are laughably way off? 2 10 June 2019
What are some travel tips for first-time backpackers? 2 10 June 2019
What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country? 2 10 June 2019
What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world? 2 10 June 2019
Which is the most underrated country? 2 10 June 2019
What it is like to quit your job and travel the world? 2 10 June 2019
Have you ever visited any destination(s) that you considered not worth the effort? If so, which? 2 10 June 2019
What cultural shocks do Arabs face coming to western countries for the first time? 2 10 June 2019
Can I wear a bikini on an airplane? 2 10 June 2019
What are the most luxurious places to visit before you die? 2 10 June 2019
Out of all the countries you have visited, which country has the most calm, patient and cool people? 2 10 June 2019
How is life as a British Indian? Any incidents to shed more light on? 1 10 June 2019
Do you always follow Google’s best practices for your SEO campaigns? 1 10 June 2019
How much can an Uber driver earn in London? 2 8 June 2019
How do I ace an IBM Summit Program interview? 2 8 June 2019
How high is Uber's hiring bar for software engineers in 2015? 2 8 June 2019
In 2016, as a New Grad Software Engineer, Which company should I prefer, Uber or Nutanix or Bloomberg? 2 8 June 2019
How much does a senior software engineer get paid at Facebook? 2 8 June 2019
When graduate admission committees detect a discrepancy, do they contact you for clarification or they'll just tell you the fraud and reject you? 2 8 June 2019
What is typical salary and package of software engineer (mobile) at Apple in London? 2 8 June 2019
How did you celebrate when you got into your dream university? How did it feel? 2 8 June 2019
During an online programming interview should I compile intermediately to check my code or at the end? 2 8 June 2019
A professor from a top graduate school told me that he has to "convince" the admissions committee to select me since my GPA is lower than those who are accepted usually. How often in these situations are the outcomes positive? 2 8 June 2019