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About the Life Advice category 1 30 May 2019
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A professor from a top graduate school told me that he has to "convince" the admissions committee to select me since my GPA is lower than those who are accepted usually. How often in these situations are the outcomes positive? 2 8 June 2019
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What the best job for a ridiculously brilliant, unconventional/non traditional genius who doesn't fit the typical laddered career path, has an insane amount of potential and aptitude, and is just lacking a monetizable direction in which to focus it? 2 8 June 2019
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How is the work-life balance at the Big 4? I'm a current accounting major in my junior year, and everyone tells me it is hell working for those firms. Is it true? Does anyone working there have a family? 2 8 June 2019
I get extremely sleepy when I am supposed to do something that doesn't interest me very much. How can I overcome this? 2 8 June 2019
I am confused about my aim in life. I'm doing my undergraduate in CSE. I'm not sure what I want to be or what I want to do. How can I select an aim or how can I be sure where I want to be? 2 8 June 2019
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