Anyone ever noticed that the first job after graduation is a MASSIVE advantage? If this is true, why is that?

Anyone ever noticed that the first job after graduation is a MASSIVE advantage? If this is true, why is that? area dedicated to business and start-up advice, questions, and discussions.

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This is a really great question that you’re asking. The unfortunate truth is that working for one or some of the companies you’ve mentioned, especially when you’re fresh out of college really does make a difference to your long-term career prospects.

It is the rule of proxy, or association. Based upon the little information we have about someone we then use that to make sweeping assumptions about the rest of the character personality or intellect.

Much in the same way that we would assume that someone who has graduated from Yale Harvard or Oxford is perhaps more able or intellectually capable than someone who is is not from an elite University.

And there is a further unfortunate truth is that generally speaking it is the case that there is a parallel between where one has studied and their ability.

This is the same case when working for a top tier company. If you have worked for Google than because they are a successful company I will also make assumptions about your individual ability and even will have a bearing on how I make my judgement when potentially looking at you as a candidate for my company.

of course, there are many exceptions to the rule and there are very very gifted pupil at smaller or non-brand companies that could do equally as well if not better than those that with a top name company.

Of course it would depend upon whether it’s an ambition of yours or friends of yours to work at such a company.

If it is indeed the case that you want to do this, and I assume it is so Since you are asking the question then I would simply say, aim to get some work experience with one of these companies so you can put it on your CV. Even if it’s for free.

This will probably be the fastest way to help with your own career aspirations. Of course you can succeed entirely without one of these companies on your resume, but certainly having them on your resume will always help you.

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