Are emotions like anger, happiness and sadness a choice?

Are emotions like anger, happiness and sadness a choice? One often hear about controlling anger as though it was a choice. Are all emotions a choice? Can one choose to be happy instead of sad?

The EXTENT to which we feel a particular emotion is certainly a choice.

That is where the choice comes in.

  • Serially depressed people in our lives (think hard enough I’m sure you know someone) constantly seem at odds with the world. The pain of changing it is so great that they are constantly doggy paddling to keep their head above water. Sometimes they sink and take on sea water. One day they might swallow more than they can handle.
  • Then there are people that are the positive lights of this world. Radiating energy, shining down smiles, laughter and positivity around us. It seems almost inhuman.

Funny thing is:

Who would have known that the serially depressed people can come from good, happy families and were given all of the temporal components to find happiness.

Who else would have known the one’s that laugh can come from bitterness, betrayal, squalor and suffering yet still beam down sunshine upon all who fall within their rays.


Does that mean the depressive person never feels moments of elation?

Or the happy one doesn’t ever feel depressively sad.


We. Throughout all our lives will FEEL the FULL kaleidoscope of human emotions. That is not a choice. The choice lies in the EXTENT to which we choose to feel them.

N.B. But no one said that would be easy.

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