Can being the founder of a failed Start Up hurt my chances at getting a job?

I was a founder of a Start Up that failed. I am looking into getting a new job. Will being a founder of the failed Start Up hurt my chances?

A recruiter interested in hiring a potential long term employee would view a former entrepreneur a little suspiciously.

I mean how can they know that:

  • You won’t leave again
  • You won’t start a business whilst at the company
  • You need some cashflow so you got a job

These are all the questions that come to mind. Of course some may see the positives in your experience - but many will ask these questions and perhaps disregard you.

So honestly YES it COULD hurt your chances (not definitely however) - and an interesting approach would be to change your job title within the startup so it ISN’T founder (this is a little grey however) or excise it from your CV completely.

Only one way to find out. Try!

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