Can Jumping Rope help burn fat?

I am beginning to exercise more. I am looking to burn more fat. Can jumping rope burn fat?

Here’s the secret that NO-ONE is talking about.

ANY EXERCISE can help you burn fat.

  • Swimming
  • Push ups
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Bench press
  • Circuits
  • Rowing
  • Jump Rope…

And they can ALL help you burn fat equally effectively

How’s that you ask?

Here’s the thing that 99.9% of people fail at.


What do I mean?

If you’re going to do jump rope - skip so hard you fall over afterwards

If you’re going to swim - swim so hard you can barely breathe by the time you’re done

If you’re going to do push ups - push so hard the last reps make you scream


In the world of exercise. Pain really does equal progress.

I’m a 19x marathon runner. 3x ultramarathon runner. 2x Ironman

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does jumping rope burn fat