Can money really buy happiness?

Can money really buy happiness? If yes, then how and if not, then what can bring happiness?

Money can’t ‘buy’ happiness.

Happiness is not a destination but an ongoing process . There is no ‘reaching for it’. You experience it in the same way you experience the full kaleidoscope of emotions. Anger. Pain. Love. Sadness. Despair.


Money can create the perfect breeding grounds for happiness.

Why do I BELIEVE this?


  • I’ve made $20k several months in a row from a small business (not alot but enough to give my a good quality of life)
  • I’ve had to get government support when I couldn’t pay my rent (horrible times)
  • I had women whom have left me when I resigned from my Corporate job to pursue my ambitions of becoming rapper (worked out well; clearly)

What have I discovered:

That we humans, as social animals; are bound by the human condition.

We are hard-wired to seek company because this is how we have succeeded historically. We are pack animals without equal. We have developed nations, religions, languages and civic identity to create this sense of BELONGING .

Humans are happy when we ‘BELONG’. When we are part of something.

And if you are alone, all the money in the world can’t make you happy. BUT having enough money to not have to worry about:

  • Rent
  • Bills
  • Your 401k
  • Children’s Education

Can dramatically increase the opportunities for you to love freely.

Put it this way.

I’m in Malta with an awesome view overlooking my terrace and a beautiful coastline to run along everyday.

Here is a picture I took this morning.

But I’m headed home to London.


Because Paradise is pointless if you have no-one to share it with.

transcribed from can money buy happiness