Does you think you are a lucky person?

Deepak, do you think you are a lucky person?

Some days I do:

  • I have a British Passport. My friend is Georgian; the other is Nigerian; another is Indian.
    • I can TRAVEL no headache that’s AMAZING. They can’t
  • I was born in England
    • I have food, shelter, access to plentiful opportunities
  • My parents are together. They love each other
    • I come from a working class but happy family

Some days I don’t:

  • My school was shut down when I was 14
    • I got bullied
  • I had parents that got an arranged marriage
    • I have issues with my relationships. Trust me
  • I am smart
    • So I question things, am not always content
  • I have ADHD
    • I am forever restless. It’s tiring
  • I cry sometimes
    • Just because

I think. I’m probably just like you :p.

transcribed from Does Deepak shukla a lucky person?