How can I be a morning person?

I want to gain more motivation and wake sooner. How can I naturally become a morning person?

Try all/some/one of these:

  • Scream. Literally scream
    • When the alarm goes off. Tends to get your amygdala (where your flight or fight mechanism) firing and ‘tricks’ your body in waking up immediately as it assumes you’re under attack
  • Roll out of bed
    • Learn how to land properly the night before. But the fall typically shocks the body into waking up
  • Put the alarm on the other side of the room
    • Put a bottle of water next to the alarm. The body confuses dehydration for tiredness. Drink 500ml of water quickly
  • Put a 2nd alarm inside your cereal box
    • Keep the cereal in your bedroom. Seeing the cereal is a visual trigger to wake up
  • Drink lots of water when you wake up
    • If you’re still tired. The need to pee will get you out of bed
  • Record your own voice. Make it the alarm
    • ‘Deepak you f*cking penis. Get your arse out of bed. Unless you want to end up fat, broke and old move that but’. This is v.effective
  • Ice cold showering
    • I don’t last v.long at doing this daily. But for some it could be the key
  • Sleep earlier
    • No secret to this one
  • Create a night ritual
    • A sequence of things you ALWAYS do before bed. It’ll help convince you to get to bed
  • Read blog posts on how to build habits
    • Apply it to your favoured one of the above!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Transcribed from Becoming a morning person