How can I build the ideal cover letter?

I want to build the ideal cover letter. How long should it be or what should it contain to be both effective and read?

1 page please and be succint.

Follow this in <1 page

Three step rule:

  • Why the Role
    • If it’s SDE/Product Manager/Biz Dev/Sales/Marketing or otherwise state your passion for it (rooted in experiences) and why you specifically find this DIVISON/DEPARTMENT of X company fascinating.
    • References to deals/product lines/departmental head all thumbs up - NOT for wider company please
  • Why the Company?
    • References to obvious (values/culture/prestige) and non-obvious (employee retention/someone you know there/leadership programs/charitable giving) reasons in combination with your own ambitions (career dev/working with the best etc)
  • Why You?
    • Quantitatively driven answers. Achievements couched in dates/revenue made/money saved. Technologies used to build things that made a COMMERCIAL IMPACT. And one/two extra-curricular things that pertain to you being an all-rounder :slight_smile:

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