How can I gain more motivation?

I am lacking motivation in most places. I have a minimal support network and am struggling with numerous areas in my life. How do I build up the courage to gain motivation?

Change is HARD

It doesn’t come easy enough for any of us.

It’s difficult to swim in the direction of goodness when you are expending most of your energy on just staying afloat.

‘The issues are of family. Extreme negative environment and financial issues’

I assume these are responsibilities you cannot walk away from.

However. The deeper the troubles the greater the potential victory can be.

Aim for small small steps:

  • ‘Unable to gain weight’: So eat more. Even if it’s 1 more piece of toast per day.
  • ‘Indiscipline and lazy’: Make two piece of toast per day to eat. Stick to that schedule outside of whatever else you eat
  • ‘Depressed’: Start with the above
  • ‘Not following my to do list’ : Simplify your to do list with just the toast
  • I’ve just become a cry baby: Cry less

Celebrate your victories . Each piece of toast is a victory. Look at yourself in the mirror. Smile and say ‘Aashay YOU did that’. And give yourself a hug. Love yourself

And then keep going. Keep building the small steps :slight_smile:

Good luck. I believe in you :slight_smile:

transcribed from gaining motivation