How can I get a high paying sales job with no degree?

I want to work within sales, I also do not have a degree and do not really want to go to college. How can I manage getting a high paying sales job without a degree?

Keep your head in the clouds but feet on the floor young Jedi :).

Anything is possible - but if you can take multiple levels of rejection and still gun towards your dream - then it’s a hell of alot more possible.

Your mental resolve and ability to face rejection on the phone, in interview, when sharing your dreams - yet still fight:

Practically: (Making the sales calls, reading the sales books, ‘hustling’)

Emotionally: (Coping with rejection, dealing with abject failure, handling the continual pressure)

Physically: (Long long work hours, little sleep, managing your diet)

And you can ‘taste all the bad’ (Go intern and try it) and still be upbeat.

Then hell yes. You can do anything you want.

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