How can I grow an idea to make $10 million in revenue within 18 months?

I have a business idea and plan. How can I grow an idea to make $10 million in revenue within 18 months?


I’m going to clearly be the guy that gives you a reality check rather than says ‘here is XYZ’ solution.

Let’s begin:

  1. 'You’ve DONE a startup?

  2. What does that even mean?

  3. If you want to replicate what you’ve done. Why are you asking people on Quora? You already have 50/75% of the solution

  4. Seek advice from similar businesses in said country

  5. Did some quick maths. On the basis of 3 sales per day over 547.5 days (18 months) you need to generate 91K+ per day

  6. Someone with those expectations in SAAS would again…have done something at a similar level and WOULD NOT be asking on Quora. Maybe reading yes

  7. Your question is so thin on the ground it’s impossible to give a good answer

So now the dressing down has been done. Let’s give you some advice assuming you think I’m an idi*t and will continue in this fashion anyway.

  1. Research EVERYTHING you can on Zenefits who reached $20 million in recurring revenue in after less than TWO years in business (labelled the fastest growing SaaS company ever)

  2. You realise you want to do something NO ONE has ever done before?

  3. Do the same for Box

  4. Do the same for Pando

  5. Compile all keys to success.

  6. Read the Salesforce story as well.

  7. Interview anyone and everyone you can from said companies.

  8. Review all data

  9. Plot next move (e.g. find local team, flesh out offering, make sales calls etc etc)

And then from there I wish you good luck.

In spite of my skepticism - It’s fabulous to dream big :slight_smile:

transcribed from quickly growing an idea to large revenue