How can I improve my focus?

How can I improve my focus?

Set yourself up for success:

On your computer

  1. Open up a WHOLE NEW WINDOW when working on something you would like to focus upon in Chrome/Safari/IE/Firefox etc

  2. If you must keep your phone next to you - put it FACE DOWN - it creates a good psychological trigger to focus upon what’s on your screen

  3. Turn it on silent of course

  4. Find a POMODORO app that stays in the foreground of your screen when you’re using it

  5. It’s very effective to see. But turn the sound of - the ticking can get annoying

  6. Keep some fruit next to you when working - a banana is good

  7. The brain needs sustenance when it’s working and when you reach a ‘flow’ state - it stops you from having to get up and leave your seat

  8. Do the same for water

  9. It’ll keep you from getting up

  10. When you need HIGH LEVELS of focus the brain needs sugar to spike your focus and keep you concentrating

  11. Special Forces Snipers take jelly babies/anything sugary on them to help them maintain focus when they specifically need it in their sniper scope

  12. Race against the battery as well

  13. If you head to a cafe to do your work or otherwise leave your charger in your carry case/at home so you’re forced to be more productive in the time you have

On exercise

  1. Buy five of the same t-shirts/socks/shorts & a cheap pair of sneakers - total spend if you are sensible should be less than $120

  2. Leave them all at work - this is now your gym kit for when forget to take it to work

  3. Try to exercise for 15 minutes a day rather than anything longer

  4. Just work out hard so you’re wheezing by the end

  5. Protein shake when training

  6. Before/After resistance training helps you recover faster - your muscles need amino acids to prevent post-workout soreness - male or female

  7. Book an event and tell your friends

  8. Preferably something expensive. So it forces you into working out - a run/swim/bike competition of some form is usually good

On focus in general

  1. I can’t just rely upon my willpower - it is WEAK

  2. I don’t focus amazingly well but these systems help me get more done

  3. Make your core activity that you do daily about something you love

  4. Easier said than done I know

  5. Share all your goals with your friends

  6. They can help support you

  7. Create a social expectation of achievement

  8. If you’re posting runs on Facebook daily or accomplishments - soon your supports will come to expect it

I hope these help

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Examples of what I meant above:

  • Whole New Window & Pomodoro in Foregroun

  • Fruit next to you helps

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