How can I make $4,000 a month from home in a short amount of time?

I want to be a remote worker and make a decent living doing so. How can I reach a goal of $4,000 a month within 6 weeks?


I’m going to go against the grain. This is POSSIBLE. But it’ll most likely be 10 attempts lasting 6 weeks each - meaning on the 10th turn (60 weeks in) you’ll crack it .

So why not:

Start a SIMPLE BUSINESS that will make you $4,000+ sitting at home over 6 months of time? That seems much more feasible and realistic in my view BECAUSE (and here’s the kicker) - many people claim they have ‘done this’ first time.

They just DON’T tell you about the other 54 weeks. EVERYBODY LIES.

So the practical advice:

Start SMALL:

Aim to make your first $100 from a pre-existing skill you have:

  • e.g. if you were fluent in 2+ languages
  • And could code at a basic level OR use Wix/Weebly/Moonfruit/Wordpress

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Place classified ads on multiple local sites as well as a freelancer profile across Odesk/Guru/Freelancer (Google all of them)

  2. Do the same for local directories and listing offline and online such as Craigslist equivalents and your local newspapers

  3. Set yourself up as a language expert

  4. Create a simple (but professional) Wordpress website

  5. Have an optin bar (Hellobar/Sumome works for this) to collect emails and give ‘something away’

  6. Also contact local language schools

  7. Offer English to X schools

  8. Get paid to teach

  9. Develop a client base and keep aggressively marketing

  10. Try and get Corporate gigs with businesses if possible as well

  11. Convert your site from ‘solo’ to a ‘school’ or ‘company’

  12. Hire more language experts like yourself

  13. Grow your business

  14. Once you do your first $100 in revenue

  15. Do a SWOT and work out the fastest way to 1ok

1.Online tutoring
2.Online products (remember the optin we spoke about..)
3.Corporate contracts
4.Offline classes
5.Also read The E-Myth
  1. And yes you can scale this (online school/programs etc) - but worry about this later

    1.Refine the model offline first

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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