How can I make my life simpler?

Life Advice: How can I make my life simpler?

Understand that it’s an ongoing process.

Simplicity comes and goes; comes and goes - much like the waves in the ocean.

It’s also a skill that you build up over time . If you have a propensity towards complexity - don’t assume you’ll suddenly ‘clean up your life’ overnight

With these two in mind remember that you must strive for progress; not perfection .


Reduce your inputs.

  • Watching CNN
  • Reading The Times?

Less of that

Focus on some simple big goals.

e.g. I have 6 products here. I’m not developing myself in anyway more until I hit 10. Then I’ll move to the next steps

Take a To-Do list with you that’s the size of a sticky note.

If it can’t fit on the sticky note it can’t go ON the sticky note

Learn to say no. And then

Learn to say no faster.

Don’t entertain someone else’s ideas for too long if it’s not connected to your own path

Good luck!

transcribed from how to make my life simpler