How can I overcome the belief I need to make loads of money to be happy?

I obviously want to be successful and not struggle financially. I am stuck in a mental loop that I need to be a millionaire/billionaire to be truly happy though and enjoy life. How would I overcome this thought?

Your belief is exaggerated (because of what we see in the media of superstars) but fundamentally sound.

  • A significant net worth WILL give you access to greater opportunities
  • A greater standard of living
  • Access to new things and new experiences
  • And material possessions (living in a nice area with a future family, driving a nice car etc)

Now my mum is the happiest person I know in many respects.

  • She earns less then <$10 USD an hour but cracked happiness better than ostensibly way more successful people I know
  • My buddy Nick makes around $10-12k USD ‘take-home’ per month - he’s pretty happy as well
  • A couple of millionaires I know self medicate their unhappiness away with trinkets and toys…(but not all!)

In the top two instances though -

MONEY isn’t the primary factor in their happiness. They have lives filled with purpose (for my mum now it’s two kittens haha!) and ambition (Nick and his software company) as well as their relationships (both are in happy relationships).


  • Find your purpose and ambition
  • Find your ‘partner’ (this comes 2nd/isn’t mission critical)

And I’m sure…it will quell your issues with millionaire’s and billionaire’s!

Originally posted at How to enjoy life