How can I stop arguing with my father?

How can I stop arguing with my father?

I guess the first thing to understand is to work out why you have an argument with your father in the first place?

I’ve discovered, through my time living with my parents and growing up the reasons for us arguing often been underlying differences in values or interests.

So for example, farmers tend to worry about us and our future in terms of stability security and safety more than we perhaps do ourselves. They don’t often look further beyond that and that’s absolutely normal for a parent

So I would say, the first thing is to ask your father what is it that would make you happy what is it that I could do that would really make you feel settled and comfortable with the pastime on in life and I predict, that you would be really interested to hear the answer, and it would also help you stop arguing with your father.

transcribed from how to stop arguing with my father