How can someone with anxiety can find a job?

How can someone with anxiety can find a job?

Doing something like this alone, I can imagine will be very challenging.

The important thing, is to have somebody that can help you with your job search.

The first thing that I wouldn’t do is begin looking for ways to work on your anxiety. Firstly, I commend you on your initiative. It is not everybody that comes on to Quora and talks about their anxiety with finding a job.

clearly, you have a desire to improve so on the same basis that you came on to warm up to find some advice also take the same approach with your anxiety.

Ff you are uncomfortable with people begin by reading blog posts articles and books that will help you with your anxiety as well as perhaps speaking to a counsellor about your issue.

Long-term this will have the most benefit to both your career hunt and your overall life.

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