How can you identify intelligent people?

How can you identify intelligent people?

Verbal Repartee

  • Someone who can build joke upon joke. Understand timing, context as well as keep up with the back-and-forth pace displays high levels of EQ and IQ altogether

Ambition with a plan

  • Many a person makes many a plan. But identify the high level ‘how’ as well as the what denotes how close they can come to reaching their plan

They Do Stuff

  • The mark of many pseudo-intelligent people is those who are extremely academic (a form of intelligence) as well as those who suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’.
    • It is not a mark of intelligence to ‘know all the answers’ and then do nothing with them


  • Whether entra/intra-preneurial. These folks go in, change things, ruffle feather or are forever presenting alternative perspectives

Track record

  • Anyone can do anything. But your past is typically an indicator of your future. Success begets success.

transcribed from identifying intelligent people