How can you nail your next interview?

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for a high stakes position. What are your personal tips at nailing a job interview?

You can take a varied lateral approach to nailing a “personality” portion of an interview.

*Test yourself in high pressured/low-risk environments
-Talk to a stranger in a supermarket
-Strike up a conversation with someone in a cafe
-Talk to a lady in a bar *

Watch YouTube video’s of PICK UP artists practicing ‘infield’ - it’ll be amazing at building your confidence and ability to ‘think on the spot’

Read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’

Read ‘The Charisma Myth’

Create a Google Sheets document with these areas:
3.Why Me
4.Best Success
5.Something I Failed at
6.Leading a Team
7.Google all competencies
8.Have at LEAST 3 answers to each*

  • Be VERY specific with the answers :
    • e.g ‘In March 2009 I was in a team of 7 people working on a 6-week project in the 2nd semester at X college leading up to a presentation to 300 people etc’

Have someone ask you questions AT RANDOM as you go about your days

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