How do I ace an IBM Summit Program interview?

How do I ace an IBM Summit Program interview?


I spent 7 seconds on the site and am using this extract:

‘IBM provides technology solutions that help clients be successful, and we offer unlimited opportunities for our sales professionals to be successful, too’ as the basis for my answer.

Show you can sell

  • Show the company you can ALREADY do what they want from you. SELL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
    • In absence of that alternative things you have sold
  • Demonstrate your understanding of what IBM do

Be charming

  • Smile
  • Laugh when appropriate
  • Vary your voice - staccato and legato as required

Be interesting

  • Have done cool sh*t you can talk about
  • Demonstrate your passion for said cool sh*t

This is a good place to start - beyond the USUAL:

  • Know the company
  • Know yourself
  • Prepare for qualitative questions
  • Prepare for any case studies
  • Know their competitors
  • Know the market

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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