How do I build a business that focuses on creativity and innovation?

I am working at founding a business plan and ideas. I want to be able to stand out. How do I create a business that focuses on both creativity and innovation?

Such a broad question :slight_smile:

Anything could meet that criteria. So don’t worry so much about ‘is it creative or innovative per-se?’

If you solve a problem. It meets that criteria.

Just keep in mind:

The team is as/if not more important than the idea itself

So start there.

Build your triumvirate.

  • Tech Guy
  • Operations Guy
  • Creative (you?)

(Or girl of course :p)

But don’t just get your mates involved!

Start something ALONE.

Start small - focus upon creative/innovative output.

And really anything can fit that bill if you find:

  • A new way to do an old thing (Baking machines haven’t changed in decades)
  • An old way to do a new thing (Real world communication instead of snapchatting)
  • A new way to do a new thing (A better snapchat)

So start whichever idea you hit upon. Take it AS FAR as you can alone.

When you reach a fork in the road. Then go and find team ‘creative and innovative’. :slight_smile:
Transcribed from building an innovative and creative business