How do I ensure my Start Up will be successful

I want to ensure that my Start-Up will be a success. How would I ensure this from the beginning though?

By focussing upon ruthless execution

And on things that matter.

Sales matter ultimately - and anything that will get you there

Some fundamental rules will always apply at it’s root

  1. You need an AMAZING product. Something worth talking about.
  2. And you need to be able to sell it

Start with one of those two - in whichever order you prefer

You know I was going to consider giving a blow by blow answer upon building a team, building strategy and all of these other complex working parts but actually at it’s heart it’s real simple

Build a SALES page.

Deepak Shukla (10101029251414324) -

Here is mine.

And then market what you offer. I do that here on Quora. I sell around one Ebook per day atm as I’m focussing upon those two things I mentioned.

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