How do I increase my productivity when worn out from the day?

I want to increase my productivity. Often by end of day I feel too tired from work/school to be able to tackle side projects. How would I combat this?

Macro strategies

  • Outline all of the elements involved in your projects
    • Social Media
    • PR
    • Product Devt.
    • Operations
    • Sales
  • Work out what can I automate so it runs without ANY/hardly any involvement from me?
  • Ask yourself 'if i ONLY had 15 minutes per day to work on something what would have the biggest impact on the business?
  • Make a weekly ‘30 minute’ plan
    • This is what i will work on for 30 minutes per day that will impact my side project
  • Then daily. When you have your 30 minutes - ‘don’t think - just do’
    • Thinking can happen outside of the actual ‘activity time’
      • This can happen in the toilet/shower/otherwise

Micro strategies

  • Learn keyboard shortcuts
    • For faster typing
  • Make your machine as FAST as possible
    • So there is no ‘dead time’ waiting for things to load
  • Get all of your best chrome plugins:

(Pablo/AdBlock/Tab Scissors/ShareasImage/Sexy Undo Close/Buffer/YSlow/Clipboard History/One Tab/Awesome Screenshot/Lastpass/Ninja Outreach/The Great Suspender/Honey/Pocket)

  • Use Pomodoro’s

  • Syndicate/Share/Spread

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