How do I leave lasting impacts on people's lives?

How do I leave lasting impacts on people’s lives?

By helping them in every-way possible; on a macro and micro level.

  • Is their phone lagging?
    • Install Clean master
  • Is their computer slow to startup?
    • Stop the startup items from launching
  • Do they sometimes lose their phone
    • Sync their photos to the cloud
  • Does she want to be a dancer?
    • Compile a list of the top 10 dance schools in her area
  • Is she not happy at work?
    • Help her brush up her resume
  • Does she hate overblown romantic gestures?
    • Buy her candy and lollipops
  • Is she making excuses
    • Call her out on her sh*t
  • Is she stressed about something?
    • Listen

Leaving an impact isn’t hard. It just requires being proactive. And we’re not taught that.

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