How do I work Smarter not Harder?

In general, I, and assuming many others have been told to work smarter, not harder. What are some uncommon approaches to this?

  1. Use a stopwatch with EVERYTHING that you do - not just work

    You essentially gamify your life

  2. Wear the same clothes everyday . 7 t-shirts, 7 same coloured pants

    Save your brain for ‘stuff that matters’

  3. Cut your own hair

    By buying your own clippers and learning how to do your own ‘preferred cut’

  4. Make use of Chrome Plugins
    Tab Scissors, OneTab , Awesome Screenshot App

  5. Go to the Cafe without your laptop charger once a day to work

It’s a race until you run out of battery

  1. Use a voicerecorder and repeat back something important you’re told

    It’s so much useful when you need this info later

  2. Get a maid/cleaner to clean your place 1/2x a week

    It’ll allow you to be sloppy, save you wasted time and minimise emotional stress. And you’ll spend that money only on beer instead

  3. Procrastinate in the shower

    Good ideas have a habit of coming in there

  4. Use IFTTT, Buffer App and Pomodoro’s to automate and speed up your life

    Social media scheduling as well as racing

  5. Buy a fog-less mirror

So you can shave in the shower

  1. Hire VA’s. Designer’s. Video makers all from Fiverr

Outsource outsource outsource

  1. Find hyper productive people

    Spend a day watching them. You’ll just like learn how to work smart

  2. Remember - aim for inputs that maximise outputs

    e.g. write Quora answers with big followings not 2 followers!

  3. Build habits that become systems. Systems beat willpower

I write my Quora answers during breakfast - 10 per day. I’m typically done before 8.30am :slight_smile:

  1. Use WebWhatsapp when typing

    Why use your phone to thumb the screen?

  2. Get comfortable with Voicenotes on Whatsapp

    Way faster than writing again

  3. Use a password manager like 1Password/Lastpass

    It sucks to need to remember passwords

  4. Use Google Sign-In on Chrome

    Get all your shortcuts/bookmarks/plugins on ANY machine

  5. Work in sprints

    No longer than 20 minutes at a time then break

  6. Recognise starting is often the hardest part

    Like with exercise for example - get through the first 5 minutes

Transcribed from working smarter not harder