How does exercise improve other areas of life?

I am beginning to exercise more. Beyond improving health, how can exercise help improve other areas of my life?

I’ve stayed in relatively similar shape over the last decade. From 24-29 I’ve never lifted weights apart from my own body weight.

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*I’m not a fitness model or anything of the ilk. I just keep in shape.


Take a look at my answers on Quora - right now there are closing in one 800. You’ll also notice in my bio (the one above) that there is a heavy reference to sport.

But in my answers you’ll also notice that I very rarely talk (<5%) about what exercise and the gym have given me.

I’m realising now that maybe I should.

Exercise has given me everything:

  • Immunity from a weak immune system
    • Ever noticed that fit people don’t get ill? It’s true. I am very very rarely ill. Bed ridden - maybe 2/3x since I was 15.
  • Physical Energy. Masses of it
    • Choose to use this how you wish. But it’s helped me be prolific simply because it takes a lot for me to get tired. So I can run a 4 hour marathon with NO TRAINING for <3 months prior to it my base fitness has rise high enough
  • Mental/Emotional Stamina
    • Being in pain as a consequence of doing sports and still going back to it builds up an incredible tolerance to emotional pain.
    • Working 7 days a week in all my hours up to 10 hours a day is fine with me - I don’t think about it too much
    • I just keep going
  • Black and White Thinking
    • I rarely deliberate. Because of the dedication required to fitness has been instilled into me for the last 10 years for me I make decisions very quickly. It helps make me prolific simply because I spend less time thinking - that comes from the gym
  • Accelerated Progress
    • As my body is now (at 29) - it requires 10-30 minutes MAXIMUM per day from home with no weights. To keep that shape. I absolutely KILL MYSELF whilst I’m doing it. It has helped me make rapid progress
    • It’s the same with other aspects of my life.
      • e.g I’ve written 700 answers in 8 weeks on Quora whilst living my life. It’s because I GO FOR IT - when I do right

So. Exercise. Everyday. Make it hurt. I promise it will be worth it.

Deepak - 20x Marathon runner.

To get my advice upon health, sports and fitness head here

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