How does one decide between travelling and caring for a parent?

How does one decide between travelling and caring for a parent?

I think that if you reframe this then it will serve both the object is much better.

The best way to look at this is how can I still go travelling and ensure that my mother is happy and mentally stimulated whilst I am away.

Once you start with this premise, it really changes the nature of how he will approach this

The first thing I would do is looking at the relevant travel packages in terms of the ideal trip that you want to take as well as a timeline working on the assumption, that your mother would be fine regardless

Once you have some rough dates and timelines then you can begin looking at how it is you can keep your mother satisfied and happy whilst you are away

Some examples include:

  • Daily phone calls to speak to her

  • Building in some activities that she can do whilst you’re away with others
    looking at any programs exist in terms of activities for elderly people

  • Arranging for some other family or close friends to come and visit her on an occasional basis

  • Perhaps organising a part midway through your travels where she could come and visit you if you are somewhere close as an activity and adventure for her to break the holiday up

These are just some examples I have considered, without doing any research. I am sure that with the correct approach both things would be entirely possible :slight_smile:

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