How many hours should I spend to have a muscular body type as as man?

I have a “skinny” body type. How many hours a week should I spend to gain muscle?

I did exactly what you said.

Nazeem Dollie advice is good re:

  • 45 minute sessions
  • 5 sessions per week
  • Intensity is key. Not duration.

(I actually have a 15 minute work out program see here that keeps me looking as I am now at 29)

I agree!

Outside of this here’s what I do know:

  • Don’t make it overly complicated
  • Focus upon compound movements in the beginning
    • Bench Press/Muscle-Up
    • Deadlifts
    • Military Press
    • Squats
  • In the beginning just GOING to the gym 4/5x a week is a victory
    • And work hard with weights for the entire time
      • If you come out feeling sore/can’t walk properly you’ve done a good job
  • Diet is also key
    • Less food - more often (so 4-6 meals a day)
    • Up your protein intake (egg whites/soy milk/baked beans/whey protein)

Start with this for 2 weeks then hit me up :slight_smile:

transcribed from gaining muscle with a skinny body type