How much research do MIT grad admissions expect?

How much research do MIT grad admissions expect?

I have the sense that more (of the best quality is more).

There is no set rule here as to exactly what they require in respect of level of research. However given you haven’t done ANY research yet (if I’m to understand what you’ve written correctly) than yes I’d say spend a significant proportion of time researching in the rest of your undergrad.

Some basic tips:

  • Pick an interesting area for you and MIT
  • Reach out to some experts in that area for their advice (message at least 5)
  • Start researching based upon what you learn from them
  • Begin with 10 hours per week for 1 month
  • Review after one month and make a decision as to whether to increase/decrease research
  • Have your research reviewed by someone who has experience dealing with MIT grad admissions or something similar

transcribed from MIT admissions research