How should I write about my language skills on my resume?

I have a variety of languages I speak and skills within them. I want to include this on my resume. How should I write about these skills on my resume?

You can use the standard terms of proficiency such as ‘native’, ‘basic’, ‘fluent’, ‘intermediate’ or otherwise to describe how well you speak.

This is making the assumption that they are good enough for inclusion in your CV.

You could keep this in either it’s own section or within a ‘Skills’ or "Personal Details’ section.

The only other interesting thing to add would be to give a reference point for your level of proficiency.

e.g ‘Able to read War and Peace in French’. Rather than ‘Fluent’ suggests to me TOTAL proficiency.

This is just an interesting alternative though. :slight_smile:

transcribed from how to include language skills on a resume