How well do people who have only worked at startups transition to large tech companies?

I have only had experience working under start-ups. I am thinking about transitioning to a larger company like Facebook or Google. How well would this transition go over?

I’m not sure if you mean:

‘How do they then get a job at Google?’


‘How do they cope with working in a big company like Google?’.

If it’s in reference to getting the job then:

  • Apply just as any other person would
  • If they have a weak CV than making it stronger through:
    • More work experience
    • More different work experience
    • Learn something new outside of work
    • Start something interesting outside of work
  • Learn how to do well in interviews through asking here on Quora, Googling, practicing etc

If it’s in reference to coping with working:

  • At the start it’s hard (but then what isn’t)
  • Not everyone survives adapting - which takes sometime
  • With time it get’s easier, and they adjust to the world around them

Working in startups are markedly different from a place like Google today :slight_smile:

Transcribed from transitioning to a large company from a startup