How would I gain muscle without using supplements?

I am interested in working out to gain greater muscle mass. I do not want to use supplements to do so though. What would you recommend I do to accomplish this goal?


  • Carbohydrates
    • Baked Beans (opt for reduced salt and sugar ones)
    • Malt Loaf (amazing stuff)
    • Eat more OFTEN (4-6 meals a day)
    • Porridge is great for breakfast
  • Protein
    • Egg whites in a pint of milk before bed
    • Baked Beans on Toast (gives you some core amino acids)
    • Buy ham/chicken/turkey filling for your sandwiches
    • Tins of tuna are good
  • Nutrients:
    • Omega 3/6/9
      • Fish; Olive Oil. Nuts
    • Fruits - eat your 5 a day
    • Vegetables
      • Blend greenery

Transcribed from how to build muscle naturally