How would I have a business success story like Steve Jobs?

I want to have a great business success story; to be successful like Steve Jobs. How would I do that?

Steve Jobs didn’t have a crystal ball that revealed the future.

The internet unfortunately has also amplified the level to which all of us (inc. me) daydream, compare and contrast. And minimised our output.

It has NOT made us harder workers.

The truth is, is that large parts of this are a lottery.

Hard work, luck, and the right time and the right place all have to intersect as Malcolm Gladwell talks of in his book Outliers.

  • If Bill Gates had been born a potato farmer - doesn’t matter how genius the guy was - he wouldn’t be the man running Microsoft today.
  • If Tiger Woods hadn’t had a father who put golf clubs into his hand at 3 years old, or had been born 100 years previously. No way would he have the legend he has today!

You are a SUCCESS of your own hard work and application

But a VICTIM, HELPLESS to the time you were born in, alongside any competitive advantages.

But then that’ the same for all of us.

So what is the advice? Do you give up?

F*ck no.

Dude. There are no secrets to success. One thing that remains constant, aside from the techniques, battle strategies and all is this:

Go hustle. Go hard. Never stop. Just keep looking forward.

Even if you fall flat on your arse, you’ll still be in a pretty good place.

Look up at the stars when once you’ve climbed Everest. Not whilst you’re wallowing in the Grand Canyon.

Taken from I want a success story like Steve Jobs