I want to become an entrepreneur, what other option than going the 'tech route' do I have?

I want to become an entrepreneur, what other option than going the ‘tech route’ do I have?

Why is there such a need to ‘HAVE’ to be a programmer:

I went on a hunt to demonstrate this:

Companies founded by non-technical people:

Getaround was founded on a simple concept: If you don’t drive your car every day, why not rent it out to others? That concept has led Getaround to $45 million in venture funding, and the company has estimated that it makes car owners $8,000 a year while saving people without their own cars $8,000 on rentals and gas.

Coffee Meets Bagel , a free dating app that gives people a single solitary match every day, with additional features for sale. It’s raised $11.2 million in venture funding, and made headlines when it turned down a $30 million purchase offer from famed venture capitalist Mark Cubanon TV’s Shark Tank. None of the three sisters has a background in computer science or engineering — Arum and Dawoon hold MBAs, and Soo is a designer.

Pandora Internet Radio started out of the Music Genome Project. Tim Westergren was supposed to the musical third of the original three-man team, but stayed with the company and ended up as CEO. Today, Pandora has 81 million users and $900 million in annual revenue.

Teespring is a site where artists can crowdfund the creation of their own designs, with $56.9 million in funding and over 200 employees

These are some examples

Then there is a whole host of businesses outside of anything online that you can make successful. Fashion. FMCG. Industrial parts. Print. Coffee. etc etc.

For now I recommend you start READING.

Richard Branson. Howard Schlutz. Jeff Besos. Good people to look into as well.

But I hope this inspires :slight_smile:

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