I'm 27, and I think my life is boring. I want to do exciting stuff while I still can. How?

I’m 27, and I think my life is boring. I want to do exciting stuff while I still can. How?

I’m late to this but thought I’d wade in:


5-10k Euros should be a good start

The route

  • Google ‘cheapest RTW trips’ or ‘round the world on a budget’
  • Work out an itinerary that would be one of your dreams FOCUSSING upon countries where the Euro takes you further
    • Add in some variation of cities for additional flexibility
  • Check out ‘Kayak’ and ‘Skyscanner’ and ‘Google Flights’ for multi stop flights - play with some itinerary ideas - get quotes go RIGHT to the checkout page
    • Take screenshots of itinerary, exact prices and checkout page
  • Google ‘Top 10 travel agencies Holland’
    • Email them all the same itinerary asking them for their best price and send the best price you found
  • Wait for their calls and offers to STREAM IN (they will)
  • When they call ask them to help you devise a budget etc so you can work it out


  • Email hostels (x5 per city) in each city you’re going asking to work there in exchange for board and breakfast. You might get lucky (it’s not that hard to) and stay for free and get some free meals
  • Or make use of Couchsurfing (it’s FREE)
  • Read online literature or take a cheap Udemy course upon HOW to write good requests etc etc
  • Aim to Couchsurf in the ‘quieter’ cities and ‘Hostel’ (See Hostelbookers/Hostelworld) in the ‘party’ places.
    • Hostels you’ll have most fun (and they’re CHEAP)
    • Couchsurfing you’ll meet a local
  • Last resort Air B N B but try not to if you’re on a super cheap budget


  • First day you arrive in a new city - talk to a LOCAL about the Dos and Donts
    • Best places for restaurants
    • Supermarkets
    • Booze
    • How to live like a poor student


  • If you’re a planner get lonely planets or Google the sh*te out of a place
  • If you improvise when you turn up ask locals/host/hostel receptionist/do nothing at all

Women and Meeting People

  • Read ‘The Game’
  • Read ‘The Rules of The New Game’
  • Watch some YouTube videos of ‘Pick Up Artists’
  • Experiment, fail, iterate, succeed. Repeat

Making Money

  • Hostel work
  • Take an up to date resume with you
  • The service industry (bars, cafe’s etc) a good bet
  • Teach English abroad


  • Find an English speaking therapist (Google this) that’s based abroad that you can do weekly sessions with to support you whilst you travel with your 'head stuff. Don’t be ashamed we all have it.

Anything else?

  • Have f*cking fun man. Life is short and the world is damn beautiful
  • And know it is not out to get you :slight_smile: Most people are pretty cool!

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