In a job interview, what's the best answer for this question "What's your edge over the other applicants?"

In a job interview, what’s the best answer for this question “What’s your edge over the other applicants?”

Well as I understand this is the job that’s advertised:

‘You’re looking for X person with X years of experience in X, Y and Z’ with X qualifications from this kind of background…(keep repeating V.QUICKLY the requirements).

[Demonstrating your knowledge of the role]

So like all of the people in final interview. I can do the job.

[Demonstrating that you don’t want to give a generic answer]

But what’s my USP?

[Creating a build up]

Now smile. In this kind of manner:

The interviewer should smile back

[Engaging in mirroring and providing humour and light-heartedness]

Well of course I could repeat some sports/extra-curricular based achievement I have I know.

[Demonstrating you know largely what others focus upon]

But I know that’s going to be forgotten within a week for all of us

[Demonstrating your recognition of the transience of blowing one’s own trumpet]


[Changing the paradigm from formal to informal to introduce the corresponding point]

We are going to laugh everyday we do this job. And the job will still get done excellently. Man; I want to work and make work fun; and that since I’m going to be here 10 hours a day [Demonstrating you will work hard]. I want to have a blast!

So laughter. That’s my USP :slight_smile:

[The punchline]

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transcribed from what’s your edge over the other applicants?