Is it better to have fun now or work hard and play later?

Is it better to have fun now or work hard and play later?

Haha well given the way you’ve phrased it - it seems clear what warms your heart. And what rules your head (your heart).

The age old adage of ‘do what makes you happy’ is true.

But you don’t want a cliched answer. There’s plenty of those upon an inspirational instagram (I have one) and many a blog post.

So let me talk from experience:

  • When I was 23 I thought I wanted to run a tech startup. I raised money. Hired people. Worked my a*se off. I hated it. Before that I was a consultant at Deloitte - hated that also.

I’ve spent my last 6 years earning a modest living that’s been location independent and I’ve lived across the world and spent most of my time doing sports (18 marathons, 3 ultra’s, 2x Ironman, 1 fight muay thai). No regrets at all. I’ve loved it.

  • Now at 29 I feel ready to come back to London (my home) and grow some roots. Get a mortgage. Build a career (beginning by becoming known on Quora haha) and all of that good stuff.

My experience tells me - you can start the work of ‘your life’ when you feel ready to. The path to building an income you can live from is easier than it was but of course still remains elusive for many.

So I’d say:

Go with your gut because everything in the end will be ok anyway.

transcribed from fun now or play later