Should I have school projects on my resume?

I am building my resume from the ground up and am trying to figure what to include. I want to be able to professionally bulk it up. Should I include my school projects within this?

Well it certainly reflects that you have more ‘school experience’ rather than ‘work experience’. So as with all of us - work with what you have got.

The most important consideration (in absence of any work experience) - is that the school projects demonstrate your skills and experience . Notice I use the word experience as well - because it still is experience and you should phrase it as so on your resume.

Much in the same way a life ‘coach’ wouldn’t call themselves a life ‘tutor’. Or the difference between ‘I work from home’ Vs ‘I work from my home office’ gives someone.

Incorporate this strategy into your resume build. :slight_smile:

transcribed from school projects on resumes