Should I quit my job and go for higher studies?

Should I quit my job and go for higher studies?

Go for all round change on a micro and macro level and see how it helps/harms you:


  • Cut out sugar as much as you can (aim for zero, but realise progress is better than perfection)
  • Move from white rice/bread/pasta to brown varieties
  • Take fish oil supplements - Omega 3/6 & 9
  • Drink an extra 500 ml bottle of water per day
  • Exercise daily for at least 5 minutes
    • Run as fast as you can for 2 minutes
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Do as many pressups as you can for 2 minutes. Aim for 100
    • Do 50 situps in the final 30 seconds or as close as you can


  • Don’t like your job?
    • Change your job
  • Have negative/depressive friends?
    • Change your friends
  • Disparaging self talk?
    • Change your self talk
  • Fed up with it all?
    • Take a week beach vacation alone. Be with yourself. See where your thoughts lead you

Accept you’ll only do 10% of these and see where it takes you.

I think you’ll see massive change.

transcribed from quitting your job and going for higher studies