Should I stay with my company?

I am working for a company that has no future. It is a hobby company for a rich guy. I feel like quitting but I have nothing else lined up. Should I stay?

Give yourself 112 hours (Thats 336 hours - which is 2 weeks minus 16 hours per day for work and for sleep)

In that time you can:

1. Update your resume. (inc. the comments your husband + people on Quora/otherwise will make) 6 hours

2. Prepare a Cover Letter targeting different industries (I’ll assume fashion + startup - so perhaps two different types): 2 hours

3. Compile a Google Sheets list via a simple Google Search of all recruiters in your area. 3 hours

4. Mail merge and ping said recruiters and follow up with a phone call two days later to ‘check in’. 2 hours

5. Reach out to your personal network and your network’s network and inc. your updated resume and cover letter if needed to see what they can bring. 3 hours

6. Direct applications to jobs of interest to you. 6-12 hours

7. Explore starting something by yourself if it’s of interest to you. 10 hours

112 - 35 hours = 77 hours to:

8. Confide in your husband, drinks with your girlfriends, movie night (THE BULK OF YOUR TIME)

Seems to me like 2 weeks could make all the difference to your life.

transcribed from stay or go?