Startups: What have you failed at big time in your life and what did you learn from it?

Startups: What have you failed at big time in your life and what did you learn from it?

I remember my first true attempt at a Startup:

Studiobookers: I had only recently in September 2011 understood what ‘Startup’ really was.

Since then I’d:

  • Raised $10k USD investment from a family member which I pitched for and was structured in staggered payments and had equity attached to it
  • Launched an internship programme and had 5 people working 10am-6pm from Starbucks with me
  • A business partner who took equity and a stipend to help pay with some costs
  • I was voraciously reading business books as we moved along to try and understand all I could about this world - the ‘internet’ being very different from a brick and mortar business (Deep Impakt Recordings) I’d built previously

I spent a year building an Internship programme, building content up online and then getting quotes for the website being built and outsourced as well as turning to a friend and then developer I knew. I also had masses of research done for this business

I also did this:

  • I spent $1000 custom building a PC so I could ‘edit’ videos because I considered it important to the business
  • I’d also ‘train interns’ to do appropriate research, project management when it didn’t lend enough towards actually building the business
  • I tried to build a blog and lots of creative stuff and wasted time money and resources here instead of building an email list
  • We didn’t start cold calling studios until 3-6 months from the day I had the idea
  • I agreed to a 100% investment return rate if the business didn’t generate revenue (meaning I’d owe $20kUSD - so it effectively was a really CRAP deal I took)
  • My business partner ran out of money, turned down an excellent job offer (Accenture) and the business bought the demise of our friendship
  • The website in it’s finished form was ready 4 developers later and 2 years after I had the idea
    • The day it launched I lost interest and decided to move on

I learnt so much from my failures. And went onto ‘FAIL’ my next startup. Meet My Tutor but I failed better. I made (nominal <$100 USD haha) revenue, signed up 5,000 people and raised $100k USD in the end.

I wonder when my third startup will come. It WILL COME. One day.

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transcribed from big failure in life and what did you learn from it?