What actions can I take to solve this problem?

When I read about Steve Jobs, I become depressed comparing myself to him at my age (which is 29). What actions can I take to solve this problem?

  • When I compare myself to Lionel Messi and his ability with a football I get depressed. AND he is younger than me
  • When I compare myself to Lebron James I’m like ‘damn’ I did nothing with my life
  • If I take a look at Mark Zuckerberg well then I’m in for a complete shit show


When you compare yourself to ANYONE in a singular way it’s pretty damning. Why even bother to compare yourself?

Focus upon your own journey and also realise that success comes for everyone at different times:


  • I’ve written more answers on Quora than any of those dudes!
  • I’ve backpacked more than those dudes
  • I’ve probably been happier than by reputation at least: the great Steve Jobs

Focus upon the things you have done. And you’ll see that success is NOT just to be found in the entrepreneurial arena.

There are fishermen in Indonesia and the Caribbean that probably have this ‘happiness’ thing cracked far better than we have; with no need for Quora, Therapy or even an internet connection!

transcribed from comparing yourself to others