What advice do you have for an aspiring tech entrepreneur?

I have dreams of running my own and starting my own business within the tech field. What is some sound advice you have for me?

  • Set yourself a target of trying to run a sub 3-hour marathon within one year
    • Get advice; put together a training program
    • Try and follow the training program
    • Run for a charity of your choice as well
    • Commit to training daily; cardio work; strength training
    • Stay fit, injury free
    • Run a few smaller events in the run-up
      • 5k, 10k, 21k
    • Run your marathon and see what time you get. If you did really well maybe 3.15 something to this effect
    • Have raised £2k+ for charity as well

Well Done

Now you have a tiny inkling of the HARD HARD work required to become a ‘tech entrepreneur’.

  • Stay focussed (eyes on the prize)
  • Stay consistent (training/working daily)
  • Trying to raise money (charity) at the same time as staying consistent with work (running). Most people don’t make their charitable target.
  • Some weeks you’ll want to give up (after a 70 mile week of runs)
  • Sometimes you’ll get ill/feel depressed (injury free is needed)
  • There’ll be smaller hurdles (5k/10k events)
  • And upon your launch you’ll probably not get the result you want (3.15 NOT sub 3)
  • And UNLIKE marathons it doesn’t just rely upon your own efforts. There is no ‘play-book’…

But if you can get your sub 3 hour marathon. Than you have the ‘salt’ to become an entrepreneur I’d say. And you’ll be ahead of 95% of other ‘entrepreneurs’.

transcribed from advice for an aspiring 18 year old tech entrepreneur