What are mistakes in your life that you wouldn't want others ever making?

What are mistakes in your life that you wouldn’t want others ever making?

Answered Mar 8, 2016

Not trying.

  • I have run 18 marathons and never done a sub 3 hour marathon

    • I got lazy 10 marathons in. It took a seasoned runner to tell me I’d basically spent 4 years coasting
  • I ended up with a 63.5% for my university GPA when I should have easily come out with a 73.5% GPA

    • I didn’t care for the first 18 months of my degree course and assumed I’d get by on my brains. It didn’t work
  • Doing a TedX talk after around 4 beers without planning it

    • That was not a good idea. I should have done so much better
  • Having anger management problems for several years and assuming telling myself ‘you’ll do better next time deeps’ was a strategy for success

    • After I lost two ‘loves of my life’ I realised it needed to change
  • With all of the startup attempts I’ve been involved in

    • I walked away at a given point and some friends just accused me of getting lazy

You see. Look at my profile

I’m prolific but I’m not world-class in any one thing.

Lazy is relative. And in my own view I’ve been lazy. It hurts to see myself under-perform

Please don’t make that mistake. Give everything to what which you do in life. Your everything.

transcribed from mistakes in my life that i wouldn’t want others to make