What are some books that expand our mind?

What are some books that expand our mind?

My pick:

For a soulful understanding of life:

  • The Alchemist

To live in your own top 1%:

  • Awaken the Giant Within

To break free from the ‘trap of employment’

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

For the practical skills to build your own future:

  • The 4-Hour Work Week

To See Why Some Succeed and Others Don’t:

  • How Champions Think In Sport and Life

For an inspirational story:

  • Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Life Story

To be the best at work:

  • How to Think Like a CEO

To be successful in love:

  • The 5 Love Languages

To be successful in dating:

  • The Rules of the Game

Fantasy for the Boys:

  • Cain by James Byron Huggins

transcribed from books to expand the mind