What are some heart touching stories of best friends?

What are some heart touching stories of best friends?

My story of my best friend is the story of someone I talk to and share my adventures with day in and day out.

First I’ll tell you how we met:

I placed a Gumtree (like Craiglist) advert for anyone looking for help with careers and/or personal statements a couple years back

This guy called me and I trundled along to meet him in Costa Coffee, Earl’s court to assist him with the writing of his personal statement. I think he was surprised to see me turn up on an October morning wearing flip flops, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt - the first time we met.

Luc, a Swiss guy that had lived partly in Lausanne and partly in London as well as many other countries throughout his 31 years (at the time I met him) was the man that was to greet me.

Some weeks later we decided to watch ‘Thor’ after some intense weeks working on multiple applications for Masters Programmes across the UK. The first email; mid-way through the movie was of a rejection to Manchester. My heart (and his sank). We had hopes of getting him into Oxford and to be met with rejection from Manchester was a big blow.

All that money and time wasted :frowning:

Fortunately. We reapplied for a position Manchester thought was ‘more suitable’ for Luc. Acceptances at Bath, Warwick and Imperial followed. Warwick were to offer Luc a £15,000 scholarship.

So now I’m about to photo-bomb you.

If it’s not for you - skip the rest.

I’m happy to say that what touches my heart is that we’ve never gone a day without speaking in the few years we’ve known each other - exactly what I told you at the start. And I hope that never changes until the day I leave this planet.

  • The last world cup final - we were in Buenos Aires
  • In Santiago, Chile with some friends
  • Dinner in Buenos Aires with a friend
  • Us getting the same tattoo. One brown leg, one white leg
  • Us drinking in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Dinner in a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Lunch in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Our Muay Thai gear again, Switzerland
  • Roadtripping to Turin, Italy
  • Attending a wedding of a mate
  • The wedding on the lake in Switzerland
  • Selfie somewhere in France
  • The kind of selfies we send via Whatsapp
  • Last night on the London Underground :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Nights out in London x 2

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