What are some of the best cities in the world to live in for people in their 20s? Why?

What are some of the best cities in the world to live in for people in their 20s? Why?

I’ve lived in:

  1. Malta - St Julian’s Bay
  2. Holland/Netherlands - Amsterdam
  3. England - Coventry
  4. England - London
  5. Spain - Malaga
  6. Italy - Turin
  7. Switzerland - Lausanne
  8. Brazil - Rio
  9. Portugal - Lisbon



  • Amsterdam epitomizes what Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines as “too extraordinary and improbable to be believed.”
  • A medieval fishing village that became the richest city in the world by the 17th century
  • Amsterdam’s 750k inhabitants represent a staggering 177 different nationalities
    • This number makes the Dutch capital the most international city in the world (based on nationalities represented)
  • Very liberal approach to things like prostitution and soft drugs, both of which are legal. (I don’t do either)
  • 51 museums, 55 theatres & music venues 140+ commercial art galleries
  • Everyone cycles . Bikes have right of way
    • This makes people real healthy
  • Locals speak at least TWO languages REALLY well
  • Amsterdam is sometimes called " The Venice of the North ". It has more canals
  • Amsterdam is 2nd “best city” in the world , according to The Economist’s annual Liveability Ranking
  • Dutch People : Vincent Van Gogh. Anne Frank. Johann Cruyff, Rembrandt, Mati Hari, Badr Hari
  • There are two universities in Amsterdam: UvA, and the VU which hold positions among the top 100 European Universities in the recent Shanghai world rankings


  • People are tall. Women are hot. The men are good looking.

I’ll be settling there at some point.

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