What are some realistic ways to get rich in 5 years?

What are some realistic ways to get rich in 5 years? I’m 25 now and want to hit around 200k USD by the age of 30. What are my options?

I’d like to lend some practical advice:

Start SMALL:

Aim to make your first $100 from a pre-existing skill you have:

  • e.g. if you were fluent in 2+ languages
  • And could code at a basic level OR use Wix/Weebly/Moonfruit/Wordpress

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Place classified ads on multiple local sites as well as a freelancer profile across Odesk/Guru/Freelancer (Google all of them)

  2. Do the same for local directories and listing offline and online such as Craigslist equivalents and your local newspapers

  3. Set yourself up as a language expert

  4. Create a simple (but professional) Wordpress website

  5. Have an optin bar (Hellobar/Sumome works for this) to collect emails and give ‘something away’

  6. Also contact local language schools

  7. Offer English to X schools

  8. Get paid to teach

  9. Develop a client base and keep aggressively marketing

  10. Try and get Corporate gigs with businesses if possible as well

  11. Convert your site from ‘solo’ to a ‘school’ or ‘company’

  12. Hire more language experts like yourself

  13. Grow your business

  14. Once you do your first $100 in revenue

    Do a SWOT and work out the fastest way to 1ok

    1. Online tutoring
    2. Online products (remember the optin we spoke about…)
    3. Corporate contracts
    4. Offline classes
    5. Also read The E-Myth
  15. And yes you can scale this (online school/programs etc) - but worry about this later

    Refine the model offline first

(By the way I did this. I was making around $10k USD a month working 4-7 hours a week whilst living in Italy with my partner)

This could be Year 1

Year 2

Do numbers 9.10.13 and 15.

transcribed from getting rich in 5 years